I wanted to thank all you lovely Fendrove & Inkum owners for remembering me at Christmas and for taking time to e-mail and pist such lovely photo's and messages and updates on your canine family members. It is so wonderful to know that they are so well loved and to hear about their lives...thank you. I am most grateful...and apologies to anyone that I may have missed when sending personal thank yous. A few mature dogs have gone into 'retirement' homes during the second half of this year and all have settked well into lovely lovely homes. A special thank you to those of you who offered homes to my retired show dogs and have delighted me with updates and news.
I haven't been reporting so much on here this year as showing has taken a bit of a back seat to family issues this year but me and the dogs are still enjoying the show stuff whenever we can. Our last show this year was Midland Dachshund open show where a great display of Christmas jumpers was in evidence ( & not only on the humans!). Reggie ( Inkums Small Talk) won his puppy dog class and went on to be awarded , BPD, BD , BOB. So a super ending to 2018 for us. Daisy ( Reggie's sister) Inkums Hot Gossip at Rayol has had a fabulous start to her show career with Eileen & Caroline picking up BPIS at her very first show and is continuing to carry on those winning ways. I'm very proud.
The Cockers , Sid ( Fendrove Chippendale) & his daughter Blondie ( Fendrove Legally Blonde) have finished off well too with first places at their last show of the year. So rest time now befire Boston Championship show the first week in January.
The year rounded off just before Christmas with the sudden passing of my 'Go To' Dachshund advisor and friend Lynne Brookes ( Lyndarlea). She was so well like and respected and I used to love going to visit to chat Dachshund in her lovely kitchen surrounded by dogs. R.I.P. Lynne. You will be much missed.
Happy Christmas all and high hopes for a Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous 2019.

Sept 18
I can hardly think where the Summer has gone. I haven't been out showing as much as I would have liked to as things have at home a little but when we have been out and about the dogs have given a good account of themselves and we have picked up some lovely places. We have two new puppies waiting in the wings to make their debuts Cocker Spaniel 'Blondie' Fendrove Legally Blonde - Fendrove Cosmopolitan 'Sid' X Fendrove Dizzy Blonde 'Vera' and Mini Smooth Dachshund 'Reggie' Inkums Small Talk - Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It 'Cooper' X Manaca's Fairy Dance 'Rosie' and until then Sid & Florence are continuing to fly the flag.

June 18
The BBC are going to show a re-enactment of the night that Julie Whiteley (Snowgate) had 6 Cocker Spaniels stolen from her home in Yorkshire in November 2017. This will be aired on the BBC1 program Crime Watch on Monday 18th June at 11:00am. Please watch if you can or set the button to record, but even more importantly please tell everyone that you know to watch or record it. It only takes one viewer to remember a friend or a neighbour or someone that they met in the local park taking about how they had just brought a Cocker Spaniel from an internet selling site, or an advert in a shop window or through their local paper perhaps and Julie might finally get some answers into the whereabouts of her dogs. Someone watching the televised appeal might have quite innocently purchased a Cocker for their family without having any idea that it had been stolen away in the middle of the night from its bed. There could have been a very plausible reason given by the seller for wanting to rehome an older dog, an asthmatic child, a change of working hours, illness, a marriage breakdown, a change of home where no are dogs are allowed, in house fighting between dogs, not having time for the dog and so on and so on , all of which could be seen as a genuine reason, but may have been untrue. Two of the 6 dogs were found roaming many miles from home and were reunited with Julie, however they were both incredibly traumatized by their ordeal and the younger dog, still a puppy lost his battle and died as a result of injuries he received at the hands of his abductors. These men must be brought to justice for what they did. Please help by creating as much interest in this case as you possibly can. Thank you

April 18
Fully recovered and of to judge at The Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland Championship Show....and what a lovely warm welcome I received from the commitee - thank you. My co-judge ( judging the bitches) was Mrs J Peak fresh from her B.I.S. appoinment at Crufts last month!
My top award went to the fabulous Orange roan dog Claramand Ziggy Ziggy , giving him his 2nd CC and I was delighted to learn that the following week he went on to be awarded his 3rd and crowning ticket, followed quickly by his 4th. My R.C.C. went to Charbonnel Pallando a super black dog. My Best puppy went to Kastrian Affection a very promising black pup who surely has a very good future ahead of him in the show ring.
My thanks to all for taking my decisions in good part and for making this show, as always, such a pleasant one.

For the first time in over 20 years I was unable to go to Crufts. Unfortunately illness kept me away this year. I was so disappointed not to be there but I did manage to keep up to date with results and was thrilled to see so many friends doing so well with their lovely Cockers ( & Dachshunds). I had planned to help out on the Discover Dogs stand with Sid (Cocker) & felt terrible for letting the team down but I hear that , as usual the stand was first class and many new Cocker friends were made.
Special well done to Sarah & Vinnie ( Florence's dad) on their BOB and Group 2 ...what super ambassadors for our wonderful breed. Congratulations.

Jan 2018
It has been lovely to have time off to devote to family and friends and dogs of course who are family after all! I hope you have all had a lovely time with your dogs too. As we start another year I have decided that the time has come to find a very special 'retirement home' for two of my beautiful Cockers now that their showing days are over . It would be so lovely for them to find a home together with a family where someone is at home most of the time to help them to settle into a whole new way of life. They would like a home where there are no other dogs so that they can thoroughly enjoy getting all the attention.They are the best of friends and get along very well with other dogs but most of all they are people dogs and flourish on love and tlc. They are fit and healthy , He had his 5th birthday just before Christmas and she is 6 months younger. Both are black/tan so they make a very striking couple.
If you are currently without a dog at home but are used to having canine company and you have plenty of time, patience and love to offer and would like to know more please contact me. It would be a great way for them to start a New Year.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time out at this very busy time to send cards and e-mails with pictures of your pooches....I've loved receiving them all and hearing about how they are all doing. The best Christmas treat for me.
On a sad note Julie has still not had any news about her 6 missing Cockers ...wouldn't it be wonderful if her Christmas treat would be to have them back home safe and sound. My personal sadness in 2017 was the loss of Bob our wonderful Collie dog. We miss her every day .
On a happier note We've had a good year in the show ring with Florence, Sid and Vera particularly representing the Cockers and Vivian & Costa holding their own in the Dachshund rings. Many great days out, some lovely wins and places and most of all good times spent with my lovely dogs. We also brought in 2 Collie pups brother & sister ' Jeff & Jazz' with every intention of going to training classes with them.....I have failed dismally on the training front so far, still preferring to be out there showing off, so that is a definite one for my New Years Resolution list!
I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR. Keep safe, keep you dogs safe and I will look forward to catching up with you in 2018.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This picture is so sad and yet so realistic. Sadly there are still people who decide on a whim , probably with the very best of intentions, to purchase that dream present for a loved one for Christmas. The reality is that a puppy is very hard work at a time of year when there is already plenty to be done and some families are under stress. This stressful situation will pass down to a puppy and may well reflect in his personality as he grows up. If you have fully considered the inns and outs of taking a puppy into your home, you have prepared for it and already selected your chosen breed and breeder it may suit you to have a puppy at Christmas but even then it is more than likely that, unless you have a very quiet Christmas planned, it would be better for all concerned if you left puppy with his mum and siblings until after Christmas is all over and done with and normality returns. If you have only just though about maybe having a puppy or perhaps one of your children is desperate for a dog of their own , this is most definitely not the right time to select a breed/breeder or a puppy that will need possibly as much as 16 years of commitment and care. Please remember ' A Dog Is For Life......Not Just For Christmas'.

25th November
Three Cockers went to Coventry Cocker Spaniel Club's Championship show today. A lovely show with cake & bubbly laid on for everyone! I took 3 dogs Vera (F. Dizzy Blonde) who lived up to her name and was full of energy and twirling around on her lead, but eventually showed her socks off and won her Special Open Bitch class. Sid (F. Chippendale) was clearly very happy to be back in the show ring and gave it his all to win 2nd place in his Special Graduate Class and Florence (M. Miranda at F) was awarded a very acceptable 3rd place behind a lovely champion bitch and the Cocker Club's BIS bitch so all in all a lovely day in terms of placings. My thanks to both judges.
As with all shows I attend a big part of it for me is meeting up with like minded people and enjoying some good conversation and I managed to do plenty of this today....without missing any of my classes! I did manage a chat with Julie Whiteley but unfortunately there's still no news on the 6 Cocker Spaniels stolen from her property. I so hope that she gets news soon, I can't see how she will be able to even think about Christmas while her mind is constantly worrying what is happening to them.
This was my last show of the year...I'm disappointed that I can't get to either East Midlands & Eastern Counties ( with their superb Christmas Dinner) or London Cocker ( with their super friendly Christmas show ) this year but we've had a good year and now it's time to prepare for Christmas.....but not before I go off with friends to The Kennel Club for lunch in a few days time!

Nov 17
As I think about preparing 3 dogs for Coventry Cocker Spaniel Clubs Ch. Show on 25th Nov Julie Whiteley's 6 Cocker Spaniels are still missing. We are all hoping for some good news soon. It must seem like an eternity to Julie and her family and they must be so so worried about their beloved dogs. It seems that dog theft is on the increase with barely a day going by when there isn't a report of a pedigree dog (dogs) being stolen......worrying times for dog lovers everywhere.

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