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From Carole Hi Jackie
I thought you might like to know we have got the sweetest little dog ever. He's full of spirit, loves the scent of bunnies in the garden so giving us lots of exercise chasing after him but also such a softie with his cuddles and falling asleep on my chest like a baby! A week has made such a difference to his confidence too. Given the chance he's happy to explore the house too. Pippa the 4 year old is in love with him too, carrying him around without a grumble!
So thank you again

From Trish Dear Jackie,
Just an update on The wonderful Pru as it is about a year since she has joined me.
What a wonderful dog it is a privilege and a pleasure to have have live with me.She has completely taken over my life she is a constant companion and accompanies on all my travels.She has travelled thousand of miles on land and sea and just adapts to any situation.
She is well and very happy............so this is a big Thank You from both of us for a fabulous year and I hope many more.
Our kindness wishes,
Trish &( Pru.x)

From Jacqueline Hello Gracie!
I'm Maggie, and I want to tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you.
I hear your name a lot now, and we are all very excited about your arrival.
I have had a lovely summer, walking in the mountains, and playing in our big field at our
home in Italy. I am sending you a picture of me looking out the window wondering how I am going to chase those two cats in the field! This is the early morning in Italy.It is really beautiful. It has been a very hot summer, and Jackie says that next summer we are going to Canada so we can jump into a very cold lake. Not sure that I like that idea, but I must say that I have been rather warm this summer.
Also, I understand that we will have to look out for bears in Muskoka but we will have each other to ward them off.
You will like it in our family. They are very relaxed, and yes you can get on the sofa which is delightful! We also get a lovely roast chicken once a week with our food along with other delightful treats to make that dried food taste not so bad! Every three weeks you will be off to the beauty parlour for wash, blow dry,manicure and pedicure. You come out smelling devine!
I travelled to the Andaman Sea this year. What a great experience. Once you get off the plane the smells are unbelievable. Something you just can not imagine until you are actually there. The beach is beautiful and I loved every minute of it. You have to learn to swim with your eyes closed so you don't get salt in them. Running on the beach was so much fun. Life is lovely. I want to welcome you to our family. I am looking forward to having a sister.I will help you through everything. I am kind and gentle, and everyone says that I am lovely. I appreciate these compliments. I can be a little shy though but that isn't a bad thing.
Can hardly wait to see you Gracie.
Love Magnolia (Maggie)
P.S. Sometimes I am called Magnolia, sometimes Magnificent Magnolia, and sometimes Jackie singsa song to me called 'Magnolia', by JJ Cale It start like......Magnolia, you sweet thing.....
I have heard them call you..... Amazing Grace. I haven't heard that song yet.
See you soon.
** Gracie has now joined Maggie and her family **

From Brenda Hi first mum Jackie,
This is Maud reporting in on my new home and family.
Nicola, my new mum , lots of cuddles and kisses, very easy to train!
Dominic, also lots of love and play times and trainable, has a very chewable beard. Brenda, loves, cuddles and teaching me to sit and wee and poo out side as well as other things. Watson, my own special live squeeky toy who sometimes bites back but is lots of fun to play with. Jack jack, a cat who is not Betty, who I am not allowed to chase. On the whole I am pleased with my family and confident I can lick them into shape . I think I will stay.
Lots of love and licks,

From Gill Hi Jackie,
Hope you're well. I thought you'd like to see Fenway celebrating his first birthday today- Emma was SO excited- she's been planning it all week!! She made him a healthy doggy birthday cake and some homemade biscuits for him and his friends! We even had to go shopping for presents and particularly doggy gift wrap. Not standard dog pressies either- she insisted on buying him his own shower cap (as he's always pinching hers off her head when she's wearing it in the bath) and some ladies slippers ("they must have bows on, mummy cos he loves chewing bows off shoes...!!")
Well he had a great day, topped off with a lovely swim in the sea in Wales. He's out for the count now! Can't believe it's a year since we got your email to say Dora had had her pups. Feels like he's been with us for so much longer- we love him to bits!
Love from
Gill & Emma

From Julie Hi Jackie

So Dexter is now 5!! its gone so fast!!! he is an absoulute delight and everyone loves him!

We also now have two kittens and even though at first he was a little unsure he now loves playing with them and when they are play fighting he jumps in to referee!

I am so tempted to have another puppy but hubby is resisting!

Hope you are well!

Dexters family

From Kathryn Hi Jackie,
Love them both to bits --- they are both superbly healthy, very well
behaved, friendly, loyal and very loving.
So pleased you trusted us to give Ebony her forever home; she is a
complete delight and she has florished with a sustained daily routine
--- vital for all re-homed dogs don't you think?
Best wishes
Kathryn xx
ps. Poppy was a bit out of sorts earlier this week.
Colin took her to our Vet Alex straight away -- after checking her out,
he said stop worrying -- she's fine -- your 2 black Cockers are always
the healthiest dogs I ever see --- can't beat a good breeder.

From Sherryn Hi Jackie,
i though id just drop you a quick line to tell you how much Bailey has
grown up.
he is a very hansom young dog very loving and caring.
he loves to play and enjoys walking in the woods jumping through the
long grass and lying in the most smelliest rankest muddy goo/water he
can find, dislikes swimming but likes to have cool under-carriage!
before bounding off again! hes great in the bath and seems to enjoy
having his coat washed!
He still eats proplan for grown up dogs and likes the occasional chew
he hasn't really chewed anything although vaughan only has one slipper
now, as he has his own toy box and will often rummage for the toy he
wants to play with !
hes got a wonderful temperance and a joy to have as part of our family
we look him to the seaside last year, he travels really well and was
just like a small child digging in the sand and exploring ! and he is
looking forward to going again this year!
hope all is well with you

From Jo We have said many times that Lara would love to be a working dog, either sniffing out or a gun dog....she is certainly not afraid of the gun as we often hear them and have ended up nearly on a shoot as there are a lot on the moors around here. I would love to train her to the gun but first and foremost she is our pet....well baby really!
She continues to bring us so much happiness and pleasure and everyone who meets her fall in love with her and we've had lots of people say they want to take her home with them! Everyone particularly loves her eyelashes! We will be forever in your debt for letting her come to us.

From DianeWhiteoak Hi Jackie, well Fendrove Creme Caramel has just turned 4. Her pet name is Cookie and she is one of my two golden cockers along with Crumble. Cookie is the happiest sweetest bitch I have ever met, she does not just wag her beautiful tail she wags her whole bottom! Can you let me know when you have another golden girl available, puppy or show retired. Thanks for my golden girl she has a wonderful life and is so very happy dog.

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