I dont have any mature dogs ( ex show dogs) looking for homes at the moment but occasionally I have mature dogs wanting a family or 'retirement' home. These are not 'rescue' dogs, they have a home here, but I want to give them the chance of a better home where they can have more one to one attention and have a 'normal' family life. These are dogs that have retired from the show ring or perhaps have been 'run on' with a view to show but for one reason or another haven't made it into the show ring. These dogs make wonderful pets and with a little training very quickly learn the ropes and settle into family life as pets and companions but often these dogs are not up to date with house training and this seems to be the thing that concerns people most......and it really shouldn't. With clear signals and consistency it really doesn't take long at all for them to understand what is expected of them and their natural desire to please, and/or to be rewarded soon has this issue sorted, in fact many times proud new 'parents' are keen to tell me how they didn't have even one little 'accident'! So please don't just dismiss the idea of offering such a dog the chance of a family home just because he or she has been used to kennel life.

Please be particularly careful when offering a home to a mature dog or an older puppy. In less than a week 12 Cocker Spaniels varying in age from just 8 weeks old were stolen from two locations in Huddersfield. Every week it seems that dogs are stolen but especially at Christmas time when a certain kind of individual (s) are looking for added funds to buy presents for their loved ones!! Yes, unbelievable I know but apparently the pain, hurts and emotional distress caused to the dogs themselves and to their families is not a consideration. Neither is it considered important that the unsuspecting buyers of these dogs will also be left heartbroken when they have to be returned to their rightful owners. So please, please be sure that the Cocker you are taking into your home has not been wrenched from his /her family in the dead of night by thugs.
I do have a friend with a lovely Cocker looking for a forever home so please get in touch if you are looking for an older dog to love.

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