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Welcome to our Puppy page. Here you will find details of puppies who are available for homing. If you require any further information about Fendrove Cocker Spaniel or Inkum Miniature Longhaired dachshund puppies or would like to enquire about homing one, please contact us I am always happy to discuss the pros and cons of puppy/dog ownership whether or not I have pups available, in fact I would rather discuss these things when we don't have any pups looking for homes. When you contact to ask for information please tell me a little bit about the home you have on offer, your family and work commitments, experience with dogs etc so that I know a little bit about your lifestyle before we chat further. Please don't be offended that I want to know all about the home and lifestyle you have to offer and your may feel a little like you are being interrogated but that is because we care deeply about our puppies and want them to go to the best of homes.....just like you want to be sure you find the best possible puppy for your family. Please understand that this is not a business, we are not a commercial kennels, our dogs are our passion and our hobby and our much loved pets so if after chatting things through we both feel that a Fendrove/Inkum puppy/dog could be right for you and you make an appointment to come and visit us with a view to reserving or taking a puppy , please be sure that this is what you want, that the timing is right and that you are able to get to us. Whenever we have potential new families due to visit we plan for the visit and put the day on hold. I confess that even though we have probably spoken at great length, I feel anxious , after all these are 'my babies' that may be leaving home. To get an e-mail on the day the visit is due or even a few days beforehand, after we may have changed or re-arranged our plans to accommodate a visit, is really unfair. We fully appreciate that occasionally appointments have to be postponed or re-scheduled but if you have had a change of heart and feel that actually now isn't the right time to have a dog , please please be honest and say so rather than making and then cancelling arrangements two or three times. It is far better to realise before you take on a puppy that you have perhaps got over excited with the idea and gone ahead too quickly than to take puppy home and then regret it so please be sure this is what you want before booking a date in my diary.

For any information please contact us by e-mail

Sorry we dont currently have any puppies available and we have no plans for a litter in tbe forseable future.

If you prefer your puppies longer and lower but just as cuddly you may like to consider an 'Inkum's miniature long haired Dachshund puppy.......
Sorry, no dachshund puppies at the moment and no plans for any at this time.

please e-mail For any information.

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